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One thing I love to do is extend a helping hand to new writers, self-publishers and other industry folk--whether it be via a book review or even some advice on all I've learned in over 25 years of professional writing, editing and publishing.

As I'm planning on going underground for much of 2014 (to write, not mine for gold--although I'm hoping that will be the metaphoric outcome), I wanted to offer a catch-all place where people can find some answers.

My Ask Tania column is for people to ask any kind of question on writing, editing, publishing, book marketing, blog tours or any other literary topic. And if I can't answer the question, I'm sure I can point you in the direction of someone who can!

To ask a question, all you have to do is email me right here, with Ask Tania in the subject line. I'll publish all responses on my blog, unless you request otherwise. All published entries will remain anonymous - I'll either use your first name only, or a made-up name, if you'd prefer.

Please ask a pointed question rather than something virtually unanswerable, eg: how do I get published?

I'm looking forward to your questions!

Most people know me as an author, a writer, a word-lover. But I have a deep dark secret--I also love to draw. I actually harbour a secret dream of one day {perhaps!} being able to illustrate my own book. And so, I have set myself this challenge for 2014. Won't you join me? Read more ...

See some of my illustrations right here.