p h o t o   b y   M a r t i n   O l l m a n   f o r   H e r C a n b e r r a

Tania McCartney is a children's book creator. She simply loves words and pictures. If she could, she would live inside a book, and as an award-winning author, illustrator and editor--she kind of already does.

She was born on a little island called Tasmania where she developed a loving relationship with raspberries. She really likes to wander, and has lived in almost every Australian state as well as France, England and China (she will find any excuse to get on a plane).

Tania loves calendars, maps, gardening, yoga, wasabi, nutmeg, sparkling mineral water, paper and photos, and very best of all... sprouting a love of reading in children. A juvenile literacy champion, she is a past ambassador for the National Year of Reading and a current ambassador for the Chief Minister's Reading Challenge (ACT).

Some of her books have won awards or shortlistings... you can see them here.

Tania lives in Canberra, Australia's bush capital, with a superhero husband, two little Aussie adventurers (who are not so little anymore), lots of kangaroos and a Himalayan mountain of books.

For more, including information on achievements and awards, see Resume, below.

Tania is the founder of ...

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